Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm finally posting some new pictures. I got my new camera just in time for Halloween and Ema's birthday. The kids will not be taking pictures with this one!

Eli loved being this dinosaur/dragon. He wore it the whole 4 hours at the fall festival and through trick or treating-even in the jumpy cage!

Ema was a disco girl or rock star. She added some gloves and the scarf.

This was the best picture we could get of our little pumpkin because he's always on the move!

This is Elena's princess costume before she cut the sleeves off. We had trimmed them down, so she thought it would be okay to make it short sleeve.

Ema had some cupcakes from school. I thought this was funny!

We visited Grama at her office where she was a Certified Basket Case! She is so creative!

Now on to Ema's birthday parties...

Our friend, Amy, decorated this cake for Ema's concert party. I was VERY impressed, and Ema loved it too.

This is just one picture of the chaos. Trust me, it doesn't do it justice! It was CrAzY!
This is the kids watching the concert video that Daniel put together. They all had glow sticks or necklaces. We tried to have a mystery dinner. Daniel did a great job getting it all together, but sometimes you have to scrap things because of too much chaos. That's the only word I can think of to describe it!

Then the next day, we had a family party.

This is Ema with a gift from Great Grandma Dominguez in California. They share the same birth month, so Grandma gave Ema her birthstone ring. I'm not sure how old it is, but it is very special and Ema was much more thrilled about it than she looks in this picture!

Kyle and mommy & daddy gave Ema a nice guitar and not just a toy this time. She was really excited about it because she loves music so much. Hopefully she'll be able to pick it up easily! She also got some accessories for it and an exciting DVD to help learn the basics.

SO we had a big, busy weekend, but it was lots of fun. Ema got so many nice gifts- activities, nice clothes (the pants fit great by the way, Grandma and Grandpa!) and she got quite a bit of money and gift cards! We bought a pop-up camper last week and we HAD to sleep in it on Friday night! So Shellie, Elena, Ema, Eli and I slept in the very cold camper! Next time, we may be firing up the propane heater! On a totally unrelated note, I'm sure, all of us are fighting sore throats. Hopefully we can all keep from getting full-blown sick!


Shellie said...

And if by exciting dvd you mean a dvd of a guy wearing a toupee and talking in monotone, that makes sense.

Thanks for posting those pictures. I love to look at those kiddos.

Arly said...

Cute Halloween costumes!!

I'm such a bad aunt. I'm always messing up birthday gifts for the best nieces and nephews ever. I hope they are forgiving! At least we'll see you next weekend. And hey, maybe I can get a gift to each one of your kids this year rather then just one or two. Yikes.