Friday, March 14, 2008


I know that a lot of you already know this because I think most of my readers are family.  We are expecting AGAIN (I know-we've had the talk-I just don't know what happened!)  It's not an egg in the oven either, just for clarity!  My due date is Oct 16th.  I went to the doctor on Wednesday and everything seems to be alright.  I am about 8-10 weeks along.  She tried to hear the heartbeat, and was pretty sure she heard it, but she couldn't get a lock on it to hear it steady.  I'm supposed to go back in 2 weeks to make sure they can hear it.  She also gave me some pills for morning sickness because it had been lasting most of the day, and that seems to be helping quite a bit.  I'm just SO tired I still am not getting much done-the story of my life.  

Wednesday was our 9th anniversary.  I meant to blog that day, but I didn't.  I just can't get over the fact that Daniel and I are such a perfect match.  Even though we can get irritated at each other at times, he makes me laugh every day.  I've always needed a good laugh every day-just ask Shellie-she was the laughEE while I was the laughER most of the time growing up.  She's hilarious too though.  A lot of times when Daniel and I start arguing about something, it turns into joking and laughing about it instead of a heated discussion.  He always has better comebacks than I do though!  He's much wittier and more ornery too.  We met on July 14 or 15th, 1994.  I can't believe that it has been so long.  We started writing letters back and forth (or forth and forth because he forgot to write sometimes!)  We still have all of those letters which I keep meaning to read again because they make me feel all giddy inside again!  We started "dating" on August 18, 1996.  That was the day before I went back to Colorado for one more year of high school.  But then I came back a year later to start college and we were inseparable.  I am so blessed to have such a loyal, respectable, and loving husband.  He puts up with me when I'm at my worst and loves me more each day.  I love him more and more each day too and see something new in him all the time.  Last night he was so cute playing with the kids.  He usually doesn't get too roudy with them, but he was chasing Eli around our circle (kitchen, dining, living rooms) having a pillow fight with him.  Ema got in on it too, and they were all giggling up a storm.  So cute!  Anyway, God has blessed me more than I ever thought possible with a wonderful husband and now 4 beautiful kids!

One exciting note-Elena found my missing-for-2-weeks wedding ring!  I was washing dishes a couple of weeks ago and had laid my ring on the counter.  Elena wanted to sit on the counter while I did it because she likes to play in the cabinets.  Then it was gone.  I looked everywhere for it-I looked in the cabinet she was playing in and looked in all the cups and everything.  We even looked through the trash the day after it happened.  I figured at some point it was going to show up, but I was starting to lose hope.  I kept dreaming about finding it and if I was going through something and felt something unusual, my heart would jump, but it was never the ring.  Today when I was doing dishes, Elena wanted to get up there again.  I said, "why don't you find my ring for me?"  Just saying it, not thinking she actually would.  After a few "what"s because you have to repeat most things to her in a different way to make her understand.  It reminds me of a comedy bit.  She turned to the cabinet and a minute later said, "yyeer it is!"  I don't really know where she looked that we didn't, but I'm just happy that she found it.  So now I feel more complete with a little bit of weight on my hand!  

I've gotten a hole punch from my teacher Ms. Ema, because I was hitting a fellow classmate, and I have done 3 pages of work while typing. So this post is a little scattered!  I'll be going now because apparently, I need to finish this "A.R. test."

Friday, March 7, 2008

Birthdays and Bragging

Elena's birthday party went pretty well, I thought.  After I finally got lunch ready, it worked out well.  Ema did me a favor and wrapped all of Elena's presents that we got for her.  That was her "thing" on Saturday morning, and then she wouldn't let anyone else in her room because the presents were in there.  We are some of the suckers that feel like the other kids should get a little something too (from us-nobody else needs to feel like they have to do this!) partly because then they have something to play with and maybe they will leave the other kid's new toys alone for a little bit, and partly just because we don't want them to feel left out or something!  I know, they need to used to not getting something at every party!  Anyway-Ema ended up wrapping her own prince (not the artist-formally-known guy) doll-but nobody else could see theirs!  

When we started singing Happy Birthday to Elena, she started crying!  We weren't sure if it was because she didn't like all the attention or if we told her she couldn't blow out the candles yet.  By the time she started crying, we couldn't remember what anyone had actually said to her about the candles!  I was trying to get pictures loaded up, but can't get it to access my photo library.  What is wrong with me that I can't figure this out?  I thought I was pretty up on technology, but apparently not!

Fred and Nyla, Samantha and Kerry, and Shellie all traveled here to come to her party.  I thought it was pretty fun and it was nice to get to see everyone again.  My parents were also there for a little while.  Dad mowed our huge weeds for us and then his allergies were acting up. I felt bad about that.  Thank you though, Dad!

This morning, Ema got to "run the halls" at school because she accomplished her advanced reading goal.  She read through all of the AR books on her level.  She wasn't real sure about it before school today, but when she got there and did it, she had fun.  I really admire her strength because I know how dependent I am on other people, especially if I'm doing something new.  I always want someone to go with me the first time.  Maybe that's something little, but I think it's a big deal anyway.  The other kids that didn't make their goal stood outside the classroom and cheered the runners on.  It was neat to see and I know it made Ema feel good.  She was one of three kindergartners (out of 40 K's) that got to run.  She is quite the reader.  We were doing a little homework test last night where you write down the child's responses.  It is so easy for her, it's almost not worth doing.  Except that we are spending time together without fighting!  She corrected me on something that I wrote down.  I asked her what sound "v" makes and she told me.  I wrote "va" down because how else do you write a sound down?!  She said "no, it's not va, it's vvv."  I stand corrected!  

We may be going to Abilene this weekend so I guess I better get some things done.  I will try to figure out why I can't get to my photo library and post some pictures!