Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's all in the way you ask

I was getting something out of the cupboard with Eli in the kitchen with me. He was just talking and happened to get a glimpse of the small bag of marshmallows rolled up in the cupboard. He said so sweetly, "let me see if those marshmallows are any good." I started laughing pretty hard and he instructed me not to tell Daddy, but he got to check the marshmallows for me. So I can sleep better tonight knowing that our marshmallows have been checked, and that they are in fact still good!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Some of you may know that we cancelled our satellite subscription a while back and haven't missed it since. We have bought a few tv series on dvd so we could have something small to watch every now and then, you know, to break up the movie nights that we have! We don't want to get burned out on movies or anything! 

Anyway, Daniel bought me the "Get Smart" series from 1965 and we've been watching those. It's just amazing how far tv and special effects and all that has come. It's funny to watch because of how lame it can be sometimes. Like when the tough Asian guy comes after Smart, and Smart brings him to the ground with one chop to each shoulder. 

I was really laughing at one episode where Smart and Agent 99 (his pretty sidekick) have to go undercover at a spy school. They have to find out which agent in the school is really a KAOS infiltrator. Smart gets all of his secret codes to allow him access to the school that is made to look like an ordinary house. He has to give the code to get in the door, he then is under high alert until his security clearance goes through. He is using a fake name (which I don't understand because the infiltrator is at that school to get the secrets from their agency. He already knows that everyone is a secret agent-why use the fake name? Maybe I'm thinking too hard!) He can't let anyone know that he and 99 already know each other either.  When they go out to the back yard, it looks like a rec center or something; people sitting around the pool tanning, old ladies sitting in chairs, people playing games. Then the head guy announces, "it's okay, he's a secret agent too." And everyone goes back to what they were doing before the new guy showed up; the old ladies take off their very convincing disguises and start combat fighting, others are weapons training and target practicing, and such. (Am I over-using the semi-colon... David..., anybody?!)  So then Smart gets introduced to some other sinister looking agents and it's time for his weapons training.  They demonstrate how the weapon is used and then Smart, in all his secret agent brilliance, shoots it the wrong way and breaks out the neighbor lady's window.  Before you know it, the neighbor comes busting through the hedges yelling at them for breaking her window and how they are going to pay for that.  Honestly I don't know what all she said because I was laughing too hard.  How did that lady's security clearance go through so fast?  They sure went through a lot of trouble securing the premises.  Where was the "postman" or the "blind guy" who were supposed to be guarding the hedges?  I think we've found the infiltrator!  I just thought that was hilarious and felt like sharing it with someone!  Of course, I will take lame old tv shows to inappropriate new ones any day!