Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We're still here

I haven't blogged in so long, I thought I should sit down and write for a minute. I've been cleaning all day today and my eyes are screaming at me to go to bed so it might be short. It seems like we've been so busy, but to actually write it out, it doesn't sound like much.

Ema has been out of school for 2 weeks now. It's been a bit of an adjustment with her home because she doesn't take naps and the other two still do most of the time. She still has to stay in her room and color or play quietly, but she finds any excuse to come out and tell me something. She has also decorated her room quite extensively with pictures and school papers. I will have to take a picture and show everyone. There is a lot going on in there! We've been trying to go to the library for the summer reading program and the free programs they offer during the week. She seems to enjoy that, but when we go to check out books, it's hard to find one that is right at her level. I want to get out as fast as we can because Elena is pulling books off as fast as I can put them back up (I was a library aide in 8th grade, so it's against my nature to put it back in the wrong spot). But she likes to read to Eli and Elena and is very helpful when they are all in the right kind of mood!

Eli is going through a real whiny stage that I'm not real sure how to deal with. He's starting to actually talk when he's upset now instead of "UUUUUHHHHH, UUUUUHHHH sob, sob UUUUUHHHH." But it's a very quiet talk. I've gotten to where I can ignore the fits while he sits in his room and yells, and pretty soon he calms down. I really hope this stage gets over soon though. I'm being as consistent and patient as I can. When he prays at night, he always thanks God for Ema, Eli, Elena, and mommy's new baby. I think he's excited about it. He does want another sister though, which may seem odd, but he's very good with his sisters. I tried to let him feel the baby moving, but he's not quite patient enough to wait for it.

Elena's just as ornery as ever. She's been doing really well with potty training. I know I said I was going to do that long ago, but we went backwards for a little while and I got lazy with it. But we're back to it and as long as she wears panties, she does really well. She does okay with pull-ups, but not as well. I'm just not brave enough to take her into public with regular panties on yet. I just need to keep extra clothes in the van I guess. She loves to make Eli and Ema laugh at her, and will do just about anything to make it happen-either that or have them chase her, usually with something that they've been playing with, in her hand.

Daniel has been playing softball in the church league for a few weeks now. We started off really well-winning our first 2 games, but then we went up against some really extra athletic teams and lost 2. The first loss was by just a little, but last night, we got smeared. Hopefully they can do better tomorrow night though. It is fun to watch when the teams are pretty well matched, but last night, all their guys must have been college aged, ball players from the time they were tiny, and in Daniel's opinion, on steroids! That's not as fun to watch!

I have been feeling a lot better now. My morning sickness FINALLY went away and aside from my body telling me that I shouldn't be pregnant for a fourth time, I'm doing pretty well. We had our ultrasound last week and found out we are having..................................

only one baby! Some people at church were thinking I might be having 2 because I look kinda big, but that is just because of the poor muscle tone in my abs. I can't hold anything in. For those of you that know about my antigen issue, they tested my blood at 4 months and the level was at a 2. When I was pregnant with Elena, it was around 16, so we got some excellent news. I was under the impression that it could only go up from 16, but apparently not. They will test me again at 6 months and probably every month after to monitor the change in the number. That's really what is more important-to make sure it doesn't jump up. This baby is really active. I can't really remember how it compares to the other three, but it has kept me from falling asleep at night sometimes. My favorite part of pregnancy is feeling the baby moving and letting Daniel and the kids feel it. Hopefully it's just feeling really cramped in there and it's not an indication of what this one will be like on the outside!

Okay so that was as short as I could make it. Hopefully I'll write again soon! I'm going to bed!