Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sleep, perfect sleep

I am trying to make myself wake up this morning. If I sit still for too long, I fall asleep. It doesn't really help that Eli likes to just sit with me in the mornings for a while. I woke up at 6 this morning (which I was trying to get into the habit anyway) but Elena had wet the bed. She does really good most of the time, but she kept drinking water last night and I kept having to take it away. She doesn't like to wear pull-ups anymore, so every now and then I get to wake up to a wet, crying child. Anyway, Ema woke up along with her and apparently was still on a sugar high or something. We got her off to school and then I sat down for too long. The kids do pretty well playing or watching TV or something on their own for a little bit, but I still feel bad. I honestly think I could sleep all day and still sleep well tonight. I wasn't feeling well yesterday and the night before. This baby is either really long or likes to stretch out or something. The night before last, it was moving all night long and if felt like it was lower than usual. Every time I moved, I felt really dizzy and my head was buzzing. Then all day yesterday I was so weak and dizzy I was starting to get worried. My blood pressure is normally pretty low, but it was down to 94/49. I kept resting and drinking water all day. It was up to 102/60 last night and is about the same today. I don't know if that's what it all was, but I am feeling better today. Just SO tired I can't hardly stand it. I know if I do something, that will help a little. My house is definitely in need of some tlc. I guess that's all I have to complain about right now. Oh wait-just a note for those other pregnant ladies out there. The "secret fit belly" pants from Motherhood aren't worth all the hype-to me anyway. I tried the mediums and of course I have to order online. I thought they fit really well, took off all the tags and started doing normal things. They kept falling down and looking real saggy and there is nothing to pull them back up with-no belt loops or anything to hang on to. The belly panel doesn't help get them up either. So I took the plunge again and spent the money on a pair of smalls. They do the same thing except not as bad. I just don't think they have enough denim to go around the necessary parts, and the belly panel doesn't fit tight enough (which is probably a good thing for many people) but I want some part of the pant to make me feel secure in my jeans. At this point I have to keep checking the back of my pants to make sure they are still up even though I know there is a panel back there. I haven't taken the tags off yet-I'm still trying to decide if I can live with it. Anyway that sounds like a review I need to post on the Motherhood website-or not.

Monday, August 18, 2008

12 Long, Wonderful years!

On this day in 1996, Daniel and I became official with our first kiss. We had spent most of the weekend together while we were dropping Shellie off for college. He helped us find our way around Abilene, ate lunch with us, and helped carry all of Shellie's stuff in. Saturday night he and I got to watch "Independence Day" at the theatre. Sunday we got to walk around campus with our handsome tour guide, Daniel. We got to walk around the park for a while and talk and we went to Schlotchky's (I don't know if that's how you spell it.) oh and we shopped for a birthday present for his brother. Then, knowing that I was leaving early Monday morning, he kissed me outside of Shellie's dorm where I was staying. The dorm mom kept yelling out the door for everyone to get inside because it was curfew, but it was so hard to tear myself away from him. I cried quietly for a LONG time on the way home-partly because I was leaving my sister, one of my best friends behind, and partly because I had finally gotten to spend some time with this guy that I had been head over heels for, for over 2 years, and I had to leave him behind too. These crazy pregnancy hormones are making me tear up just thinking about it. I feel a little weird about posting this because it seems so personal-especially the kissing part-like I need to apologize to our parents or something! ANYWAY-all that to say, we try to do something a little special on this day. Tonight we are celebrating by going to a 1st grade orientation. Woohoo! Hopefully we can have a nice dinner or something too.

Anyway, I just wanted another chance to brag on my wonderful husband. He is so helpful and sweet, a great spiritual leader for our family, funny, a wonderful daddy, a hard worker and a great provider. We had a teen devo at our house last night so we had a busy weekend. We have a planter on our front patio that was driving him crazy, so this weekend, he smashed that up and got it out, he helped my parents tear out a couple of walls at their house, he fixed our toilet that needed the insides replaced, AND he helped me cook and clean. Talk about a great guy! So, happy 12 years to you, Daniel and I look forward to many many more. I love you so much!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

An expensive drop of water

Last week, Ema had a friend over. They were using the computer to listen to itunes and Ema spilled a little water. I didn't realize it at the time, but it had gotten onto the keyboard and shorted it out. So we couldn't really do anything on this computer unless we just had to use the mouse. We tried everything we could think of to make the other one work, but it just wasn't happening. So, since we have a wireless keyboard, we got to pay $80 to have a new one shipped to us. We just got it today. I was glad it didn't take as long as my books from amazon that I ordered July 18 and they just shipped today. The new keyboard is nice though-exactly the same as our other one except without the dirt and grime!

I've been meaning to get on here and post some pictures from our weekend. Since Ema starts school on Tuesday, we decided we needed to do something fun so she might have something to say other than "My mom is pregnant so we laid around all summer." Daniel took last Friday off and we went to Carlsbad. There is a neat park there with a castle and everything that the kids have enjoyed so we were going to go there, but it was being repainted and worked on. So we played at a smaller park for a little while and realized how hot it was after 45 minutes. We got something to eat and headed for the caverns. It was nice to be "outside" but in a very cool place. We rode the elevator the 754 feet down and walked around the great room. It was really awesome and the kids enjoyed it. Elena fell at one point toward the end and Eli's legs were hurting. Daniel was carrying him and I carried Elena. Of course it had to be the part that actually had steep ups and downs. My hips felt like they were going to crack. Daniel offered to take both of them and put one sitting on each shoulder, but there were some deep pits, and I got a little too paranoid about one of my babies getting too squirmy and losing their balance. Not that Daniel would let that happen, but I guess that's just a mom's way of thinking. We finally got all the way through it-I think it was a little over a mile, we sat down to have hot chocolate and saw some bats deep in the cave. Then we went on to Pecos.

We spent the evening with Daniel's parents eating hamburgers and relaxing. Then we went to the ice cream shop and made a big mess. It was good though! Saturday we had heard about a fun place in Fort Stockton that had bowling, putt putt, a movie theatre, and arcade. So we all went there and were disappointed in it for the most part. We still had fun bowling, but the arcade games weren't working right, the bowling thing broke down in the middle of the game, but they got it back up, and it was kind of expensive for just a fun outing. We had read that the builders had wanted to have a place where families could come, and people could have something to do in a small town, but with their prices, I don't know how you could do it very often. Maybe we are just cheap, but I like to actually get something when we use our money instead of using it and only seeing the effects for a few hours. The kids had fun. Elena and Eli and I shared our turns at bowling because I knew none of the three of us would be interested or capable of doing it all. When it was Elena's turn, I helped her roll the ball and as soon as it was out of our hands, she would turn around and jump and yell really loud, "YEAH, I DID IT." It was cute. We even had the video camera and didn't use it. Bowling in real life is definitely not as easy as it is on the Wii.

I fell asleep when we got back to Fred and Nyla's house. The girls chased the turtles around for a while, baked cookies with grandma, and then splashed in the little pool. Eli had a really bad headache, so he fell asleep for a while. He was pushing on the sides of his head and crying. He's never done that before which broke my heart. We didn't know if it was just too hot, or if the tejano music that was blasting at the bowling alley made him have a headache. We also wondered about the elevator ride from the day before. He was better on Sunday though after 3 or 4 doses of tylenol. We got to go to church on Sunday morning and enjoyed seeing all the familiar faces. We went to Daniel's grandparents house on the way out of town and visited them for a while. The kids love to go there because of the loft. They like to stick their heads through the rails and wave and scare us all. This time they got the futons (or flutons for some of you that know this joke) and blankets down and were playing house. They were all tuckered out on the way home, so Daniel and I actually got to talk for a while. It was a really nice weekend though and hopefully the kids will remember it.

Now we've just got to be ready for school in 5 days. Oh and Ema has 5 more days to practice the whistling that she finally picked up on today. She's been trying so hard lately and today-during nap time-you could just hear her blowing and blowing and whistling a little, then blowing. . . . Then she got the hang of it, and is now whistling one note. I think that's the way I learned to whistle too, I just think I might have to work on showing her how to make different notes. She even had her roller skates on (that I just got put back in the garage) and was whistling. Talk about talent! I will try to post pictures later.

Oh and I almost forgot. I had my doctor's appointment today. My titer count went from 4 back down to 2. I didn't know it could do that, but it's great news. We don't have to take the trips to Lubbock for now. I am at 30-31 weeks. (I can't keep track of the days-weeks are hard enough for me to remember) My next appointment is in 2 weeks now. I can't even tell you how excited I am to be going down to just two weeks. Not that I want to sit in the doctors office, but it's just getting closer and I'm so ready to not be pregnant anymore. On a side note, I really enjoyed being at the Pecos church because people were saying things like, "you're just as small as can be," and one lady said, "you just look better and better with each pregnancy." Here people say things like, "OCTOBER! I don't think you're going to make it." or "you look like you could pop any minute." And nobody is trying to be ugly and I feel the same way, but sometimes it is nice to hear the Pecos compliments! Now I've given you all too much to read so I am closing now. (Shellie is that what Grandma always used to write in her letters? "am closing now") It just sounded familiar.