Thursday, January 15, 2009

Funny things I've heard recently

"AAAhhhh!  Don't put me in the juicer!"  Said by Eli, talking for the toy dolphin.

"I'm the mom and you're my fwe-fart."  Elena trying to say 'sweetheart.'

"MANIAC!"  The kids imitating Mr. Bean.

"Elena and her coat of falling colors."  Ema said this about Elena's coat of many colors that she made in Bible class.  The fabric strips were falling down.

"Did he burp?"  Eli always asks right after Everet burps.  

Monday, January 12, 2009

A boring post because I just need to write something!

I see that I haven't written in five weeks so I thought I'd try and post a little.  I made a list last night of the things I wanted to get done today.  It was as short as I could make it, but still had about 7 major and minor things to accomplish.  I did a few loads of laundry, filed some papers, did the payroll and my major accomplishment, cleaning and mopping the kitchen and dining room all while taking care of 3 and 4 kids!  These kind of productive days don't happen very often. I actually got the counters completely cleared off (well except for a few dishes that are drying) and Ema and Eli mopped the dining room.  Ema has really been trying to help lately (bless her heart!) so I've been trying to step back a little and tell myself that I'd rather have her learn to do it, than worry about it being done perfectly and turn her away from wanting to help.  She loves to wash the dishes and do laundry.  She is not so helpful when it comes to her room though.  It's not as fun.  I spent almost all day Saturday cleaning, tossing and organizing in there.  I moved a bunch of toys into the "let's see if they forget about them" box because the toy box was overflowing.  Now there room looks really nice-and the best part is Ema loves it that way and is excited about keeping it that way!  Yea!  Also the dollar at the end of the week probably doesn't hurt either.  

We watched "The Happening" yesterday.  I didn't want to watch it Saturday night when Daniel brought it home because I didn't know much about it.  I just knew that those kind of movies are a little creepy and I didn't want to be scared to walk out of my bedroom in the middle of the night.  It really wasn't that scary, but I didn't really like it.  I especially didn't like the end when it turned into a "mother nature is fighting against the horrible humans" movie.  Sorry if I spoiled the ending for anyone.  We kept having to pause it though because the kids would come out when we could tell something gory was about to be on.  Then we'd have to try and coax them back to their rooms.  "Go see what Eli's doing,"  "I think Ema has candy hidden somewhere, go look for it."  We didn't really say the last one.  Anyway-I wasn't impressed with it.

Elena is afraid of monsters under her bed.  I told her we cleaned them all out, but she's still calls me almost every night.  "Mooommmy,  I need youuuuuu.  Dere's a mosser unner my bed." I have to reassure her that it's okay.  I let her look at books and that usually occupies her enough that I can get out of the room.  She is great at not going to bed though.  
"Mooommmy, I need go poooottty."   
"You just went."
"Oh, maybe I need go kiky." (stinky, because I don't like the other words for it!)
"Go to sleep, Elena."
After a few minutes, "Mooommmmy, I need a gwink."
This is all very frustrating to me because she used to lay there, get her blanket over her, kiss us goodnight and we were done with it.  She'd go right to sleep.  Now we think that since her bed looks right to the door and we can't shut it until after Ema goes to sleep because she gets scared, that it's making it hard for her to go to sleep.  After we went to the park the other day, she did go right to sleep-maybe I just need to get more activity into their days.

What else is happening here?  Hmmmmm...oh somebody left. . . . (this is for Shellie-hopefully you will remember what I'm talking about and laugh and laugh!)

I think I need to get to bed-I don't really have anything interesting to say.  Our holidays were great this year, but they seem so long ago!  Maybe I should have written sooner!  I will try and post some pictures next time.  Right now, the bed is calling me!  Goodnight!