Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They are mad to me

"Mom, there's a bug!"

"What kind of bug?"

"A mad one!"

Elena has this complex about everyone being mad "to" her.  Maybe because people get mad at her a lot for being such a pest!  The other day, there was a mad butterfly outside.  I laughed for a while about that one.  What would a butterfly do to make you think it was mad?  She kept saying, "I dote wanna hee that mad budderfwy."   It turned out to be a plastic bag stuck in a tree in the neighbor's yard and it was blowing in the wind.  We were in the dentist office the other day and two girls were looking at her and she was upset that they were looking mad to her.  

EVERET SLEPT FOR 7 HOURS STRAIGHT LAST NIGHT!  I was so excited.  Eli woke up around 3 so I still had to wake up (sort of-I remember sitting on his bed and actually dreaming about something while I was sitting there.  I don't wake up easily.)  I kept checking Everet though to make sure he was still breathing because he's never slept that long.  He's been sick with a virus that could lead to RSV, so we've been doing breathing treatments with him.  He won't hardly stay still for those.  I know that didn't help him sleep though because it makes him a little restless.  Anyway-I don't know what we did different, but I liked it!  Maybe it's the cereal he's been eating.

Just a couple more funny things before I forget:

Saturday night, we were finishing supper.  We had let the kids down and Elena was getting ready to take a bath.  I told her to wait for me to come in.  She came out to the kitchen naked, so I told her to go back to the room because I didn't want to see her out there naked.  She said, in her sweet little 3-year old voice, "but my bottom is not wooking at youuuu."

Then right after that, Eli was actually eating chicken noodle soup (because it was shaped like Cars) and he was picking out the carrots.  We tried to convince him that he liked carrots and he said, "but I don't like them melted."

The other day at Wendy's, Eli wanted a drink of Daniel's drink.  He asked what it was and Daniel told him to try it and find out.  This one may not be as funny in type.  Anyway, he tried it and his eyes got big and he exclaimed, "ROOT BEER!"  "NOPE, it's cherry coke!"  It just made me think of a big buzzer going off.  YYEEEEE-YOU'RE WRONG!  (This one's for Tracey to remember)  LOSER!  [Note:  I'm not calling my son a loser nor was Daniel meaning to crush his spirits!]  It rolled off of Eli, but Shellie and I were laughing for a little bit.  

Okay-I didn't mean to write for this long.  I'll be back in another two months!

Oh and tomorrow is our 10th wedding anniversary!  I love you Daniel, always and forever!