Saturday, December 29, 2007

My sister needs a blog

So this is Shellie.  Syndi's been making excuses about not starting a blog with the main one being that she needed help to set it up, so here is a late Christmas present to her.  She can use this to post funny stories about her 3 adorable children and how they walk like penguins or how much they are reading.  She can also use this forum to post pictures of them so that relatives that don't get to see them often (practically all of them) can catch up on the cute little munchkins.   Of course she can use it for other things besides showcasing her kids such as telling how much she likes winter hats or things of that nature.   I think I tagged Syndi a while back about "7 things you don't know about me" so I think I will do that for her for a first significant post.

  1. She first set foot in a Kohl's store December 22, 2007 in a flurry of Christmas shopping although she shops it online ALL THE TIME!
  2. She wanted to marry Daniel the minute she saw him.
  3. She doesn't like fatty meat.  She breaks apart chicken nuggets to first remove the "grizzle".
  4. She can make anything funny and laugh to no end even when no one else thinks its funny.
  5. She has always loved kids and is a natural with them.
  6. She used to "fix her face" on the way to Sunday School for a number of years.  Unfortunately she only lives a few blocks from the building so she has to do it at home now.
  7. She showed lambs in 4-H for 4? years and wore Rockies and Ropers.
Syndi when you read this, I'll give you your username and password and then you can make changes and make it prettier.