Thursday, November 19, 2009


I wanted to write a quick post about all of Everet's new developments. I say new, but it's been so long since I've written about them that they may not be so new anymore! His newest thing I think, is that he loves to climb on everything. If he sees something with a potential to get him up higher, he is on it, trying to go as far as he can. He can climb up to stand on the toilet, if the step stool is out in the kitchen, he's on the highest (of two) steps. He's tried climbing into the bathtub head first, but I was there to catch him. And if something or someone gets in his way, his wheels are just turning trying to figure out another way to do it. So after I kept telling him not to go head first into the tub, he hiked his leg way up there and grunted and almost made it in, but didn't have enough momentum. He's so ornery. I can already see it. Was I really that naughty when I was little to deserve four, FOUR ornery ones?! (Don't answer that, Mom!) I'm going to blame at least part of it on Daniel!

He is understanding more and "talking" more. He points to his eyes, ears, and mouth when you ask him. The kids were talking about eyes last night at the dinner table and I looked over and Everet had his finger
inside his eye pushing his eyelid way up saying, "Eh, Eh." Ummmm, sometimes he's not the sharpest tack, but he knew what they were talking about. Maybe pain just doesn't bother him! He has been saying "toes" for a while, but he says it "go go," or sometimes, "coco." Also if you tell him let's go, he says, "go" and waves. He knows how to say the b sound, but most of the time, he says d instead. Like bye bye is more "dye dye." He says hat (ha) while putting his hands on his head. He also says hands the same way, but rubbing his hands together. We passed by the sink yesterday and he did this. He wanted to wash his hands. He says cat like "AT" because he's real excited about seeing our many neighborhood cats. He says Hi and also blows kisses. He loves to give hugs and says, "mm, mm" while he's hugging. He says "ruff ruff" for the dog, and "oooo" for the cow. Of course he says "mama" and "dada." I'm sure he does more, but that's all I can think of right now.

If he wants someone to hold him, he runs over and either grabs their legs or he'll stand there and shake and grunt with his arms at his side like he is just too excited to know what else to do. He also does that when I get the candy basket out! He's starting to get to where he likes other people to hold him besides me, or he'll go and play without me for a little bit, but he's still a mama's boy. He had a double ear infection last week, but we have hopefully gotten that taken care of-just a bit of a runny nose now. He is 24.6 pounds I think and 30 inches tall. A big, stocky boy.

We are going to Abilene this weekend for Nathan's birthday party/Davidson's Thanksgiving/Skillet concert PACKED weekend. Then after we get back Sunday night or Monday morning, we will unpack and repack to go to Pecos Wednesday. So I need to get busy I guess! Hopefully I can get this video and some pictures to load up quickly!

The video didn't really stop on a very flattering picture, did it? I thought this was cute and it also shows a little of what he has to put up with every day!

He climbed inside the drawer all by himself. When I first saw him, he was just sitting there looking at me as if everything was completely normal. But when I got the camera, he had already gotten up.

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tracey said...

Super-cute stuff, sorry I've been behind in reading! (Have had some stuff going on that I haven't shared on the blog, which is also why I haven't blogged a lot lately!) You and Daniel have such beautiful kids, Syndi. I love how the boys look alike and the girls look alike. It's almost like the boys take after his side and the girls after your side. And I can't believe how big Everet is already!